90% of users confirm Pao Silver Nano XPERT keeps clothes smelling fresh from wash till wear

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Office workers no longer need to worry about damp odor from doing laundry at night. 90% of users confirm Pao Silver Nano XPERT detergent keeps fabrics smelling clean and fresh all day long.

Using Kerry Express’s Smart Sampling service, Pao sent samples of its latest product, Pao Silver Nano XPERT, along with a leaflet containing a QR Code leading to an online questionnaire on the Rabbit Rewards platform to over 20,000 target customers, namely women living in Bangkok and vicinity. 83% of the users who had completed the whole questionnaire said they were very satisfied with the product, especially with its ability to neutralize bad odors, as most of them tend to do laundry in the evening rather than during the day. For more information please visit  Click Link