VGI Partnered with LINE Beacon to Accentuate its Leadership in O2O

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The latest technology, LINE Beacon, for installation at Mo Chit, Siam, Asok, Sala Daeng, and On Nut BTS stations; wherein customer feedback from the trial phase are above expectations. LINE Beacon has a remarkable click-through rate (CTR) of 30% (depending on the attractiveness of the promotions), as compared to other online advertisements at 1-2%. In other words, customers who received notifications from LINE Beacon are more likely to click on the link ads to access news and promotions than in other channels, which make it a highly effective O2O platform. As consumers enter BTS stations and see advertising posters that have ‘LINE Beacon’ symbol and with the Bluetooth turned on they will automatically receive notifications on the LINE application that will effectively stimulate the “to do”, “to go”, “to know”, and “to buy” moments.This collaboration will undoubtedly bring valuable benefits to both agencies and marketers, since consumers will be exposed to BTS advertisements simultaneously with notifications on the LINE application. Such synergy between the two media will help induce immediate purchases, both at physical stores and online, as well as promote brand awareness and enable consumers to receive additional information about promotional campaigns on the LINE application. This gives consumers the opportunity to review such information again even when they are no longer in that area.

What is LINE Beacon?

LINE Beacon is a technology that is used for transmitting data over short distances through Bluetooth Low Energy. When users are in the proximity of LINE Beacon, they will receive interesting information via LINE application, which include coupons, promotions, and recommended restaurants. This certainly enables brands to create customer engagement more effectively.

For more information, please contact VGI Marcom team at 02-273-8884 ext. 160