Citibank Launched Citi Premier Credit Card: promote strategy via O2O Campaign

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Citibank launched its newlifestyle credit card, Citi Premier, under the campaign: “Citi Premier, Explorethe Grandeur of Limitless Shopping Experience” on August 2018, targeted ataffluent new generation office workers and premium customers, offeringcardholders a host of traveling and lifestyle benefits. To support thislaunch, VGI has run an offline-to-online (O2O) campaignthat include installations of out-of-home (OOH) information and activationbooths at the heart of Bangkok’s business district on BTS Chong Nonsi and SalaDaeng stations, alongside online advertising on Rabbit Finance, a subsidiary ofVGI Group, this is synchronization of offline and online media to reach thetargets.

The campaign was verycompelling where the credit card’s registrations reached higher than the targetafter 2-3months of campaign. For more information please visit