VGI in partnership with Saha Lawson and SPI to roll out exclusive LAWSON stores across 30 BTS stations by having Rabbit as a payment gateway

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VGI Global Media PLC., SAHA Lawson Co.,Ltd and SAHA Pathana Inter-Holding PLC. are in a partnership to  operate Lawson stores exclusively on key mass transportation locations e.g. all areas of BTS sky train stations, Airports and others potential strategic locations.

The partnership is another step on our path to establishing our O2O eco-system through Lawson stores where Rabbit Group payment platform (i.e. Rabbit Card and Rabbit LinePay) will facilitate seamless flow, therefore creating    a better customer retail experience overall.

Consumers will be enabled to enjoy special privileges through Rabbit Rewards’ Royalty Programme, of which in return enables VGI to have deeper access to shopping behavior to target groups with enhanced offers.   As a result, VGI will also have measurable media, including in store and front-of-store media at the various locations.

At present, Lawson convenience stores have plans to open services on all 30 BTS stations piloting at Thong-lo station.