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VGI’s Bundle Package offers best deal with quality media and Big Data service


VGI Group offers the best deal for choices of advertising package to suit all needs of customer’s target, lifestyle, and budget. Contact VGI now so you do not miss the special launch price that are available in limited time.

Bundle Package from VGI Group provide alternatives of advertising media in reasonable price, packed with VGI’s quality media that includes out-of-home (OOH) media and Big Data, the comprehensive consumer behavior database. 
VGI Group can access an extensive database of 3 million Rabbit Card holders, including their demographic and physiographic data, and turn it to account for planning a successful media advertising strategies that effectively reach the target audience.
Rabbit Data Bank provides in-depth database of consumer behavior in many aspects, such as how they use skytrain service, how long they spend time in each station, what product they love to buy, what kind of retail shop they prefer, including time and frequency of purchase. This profound information can be applied for planning the advertising purchase in the targeted stations. Also, it can support online media planning to stimulate the purchase intention of the audiences more effectively.
Consumer behavior Big Data can be utilized in many ways. That is why leading agencies and marketing experts choose advertising media of VGI Group to make the most of benefits and achieve their marketing goals rapidly.
For more information about Bundle Package and BTS Pass holder database, please contact Ms. Oranuch Tel: 02 273 8884 ext. 225 Mobile: 061 961 6364 or Ms. Kasinee Tel: 02 273 8884 ext. 567 Mobile: 081 913 0030