VGI team up with the reputed Thai Pop Artist, Gongkan, to launch a campaign – “VGI SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE” – calling Thais to protect the environment

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VGI PLC, the market leader in Offline-to-Online(“O2O”) Solutions across Advertising, Payment and Logistics platforms,collaborates with the iconic Thai Pop-Artist, Kantapon “Gong” Metheekul, a.k.a.Gongkan, renowned for his Teleport Art, to create inspirational art impellingthe Thai people to use water more wisely in the campaign “VGI SAVE WATERSAVE  LIFE”.

Nelson Leung, CEO of VGI, said, “The world iscurrently facing environmental and climate crisis that calls for immediateactions from all parties to take responsibility to save our environment andnatural resources. VGI’s Environmental Policy covers 3 areas: Water and Energy,which serves to ensure sustainable energy use; Waste Reduction; and being anInspirational Platform. Given our role as the country’s leading media platformprovider, we recognise the power of the media in inspiring change. Hence, wehave always endeavored to create inspirational contents about the environmentand shared our media space as an inspirational platform to raise publicawareness about the seriousness of the environmental problems facing ourplanet.”

 “This year, our company’s priority is the droughtcrisis in Thailand, which has left us seriously questioning if we are going towait until the day the world faces severe water shortage before we start actingor we are going to start now by using water wisely. So, we have come up withthe idea to invite Mr. Kantapon (Gongkan) to create this special animated art collectionto promote awareness about water conservation under the campaign “VGI SAVEWATER SAVE LIFE”,  Mr. Leung added.

Gongkan or Kantapon Metheekul noted, “Thiscollection aims to convey messages about the Before and After of nature.Without water, the living cannot survive; when there is water, life flourishesagain. We must, therefore, do our part to save water. This work still retainsthe signature Teleport Art, conceptual yet easy to understand. The iconic blackcircles are recreated to represent water and nature as well as human and animalcharacters.”

For public and private organizations, universitystudents and the general public that wish to present their creative work onVGI’s media platform, please contact us directly at VGI Official Facebook page