“Skytrain Music Fest.” The Most Creative Music Festival in Asia!! Featuring A-List Artists Performing Hit Songs on BTS Skytrain

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Eight leading companies in Thailand, including VGI Public Company Limited, Good Things Happen Co., Ltd., Zap World Entertainment Co., Ltd., XOXO Entertainment, LOVEiS ENTERTAINMENT, Warner Music Thailand, Boxx Music, and What The Duck, have launched a groundbreaking project, “Skytrain Music Fest.” This innovative music festival is set to make waves as the first of its kind in Asia, transforming the BTS Skytrain into a moving stage for an unparalleled music experience. Fans will get the chance to enjoy live performances and intimate fan meets with 7 top-tier artists.

Key executives from the partner companies, including Mr Nelson Leung (VGI), Ms Watcharee Siriwechwiwat (Good Things Happen), Ms Theppawan Kaninworapun (Zap World Entertainment), Mr Chalakorn Panyashom (XOXO Entertainment and T-Pop Inc.) a subsidiary of Workpoint Group, Mr Carl Kongkham (Warner Music Thailand), Mr Kachapak Pholthanachote (Boxx Music and Zircle Muzik), and Mr Natthapong Suttivirisan (What The Duck), gathered to promote this innovative project.

The partners discussed the preparation for the project and their commitment to making Skytrain Music Fest. a unique musical experience. This event aims to deliver an exclusive experience through live performances by leading artists, bringing fans closer to their favourite acts on the BTS Skytrain this November. Get ready to be part of this sensational new music festival, a first for Thailand and Asia!