Survey shows over 80% of users are satisfied with Downy’s Premium Scent Booster Beads

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Downy’s latest Premium ScentBooster Beads infuse fabric with long-lasting scent, keeping your clothes smellingfresh for over 12 weeks in the closet. Over 80% of users confirm their satisfaction.

Topromote the launch of its latest product, the Premium Scent Booster Beads,Downy employed Smart Sampling service provided by Kerry Express to send productsamples along with leaflets containing a QR code that leads to an online surveyon the Rabbit Rewards platform to over 30,000 target customers, mainly womenliving in Bangkok and vicinity.  Throughthis effort, the brand was able to obtain answers from over 1,000 respondents,or 3.1% scan rate, which is well above the average 0.5% response rate ofsimilar campaigns, while 93% of the respondents also completed the entire survey. The results were very impressive, with84% of the users saying they are very satisfied with the product and areinterested in buying as well as recommending the product to theiracquaintances.  For more information please visit Click Link