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Kerry Express’s Smart Sampling achieved outstanding 100K plus deliveries

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         Since the recent launch of its first-miledelivery service [VP1] through the strategicalliance with Kerry Express, VGI has received tremendous feedback fromcustomers. To date, we have delivered over 100,000 sample products of leading FMCG[VP2]  brands to ourtarget group through the adoption of smart sampling technology. By leveragingKerry Express’s extensive logistics network, we have been able to increasebrand awareness by 100% as well as optimise conversion opportunities. Inaddition, through the utilisation of Rabbit Reward’s digital survey platform,our clients can obtain in-depth marketing information which allows them to tailortheir products and services to meet the demands of relevant target audiences andleverage the information for retargeting. The latest analysis of the platform’sperformance reveals a conversion rate of 3-5%, which is above the industry’s averageconversion rate of 0.5%; while several leading brands have already expressedtheir interests in the service, including Downy, Pao, Essence and Mizumi.