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Citibank Launched Citi Premier Credit Card: promote strategy via O2O Campaign

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Citibank launched its new lifestyle credit card, Citi Premier, under the campaign: “Citi Premier, Explore the Grandeur of Limitless Shopping Experience” on August 2018, targeted at affluent new generation office workers and premium customers, offering card holders a host of traveling and lifestyle benefits. To support this launch, VGI has run an offline-to-online (O2O) campaign that include installations of out-of-home (OOH) information and activation booths at the heart of Bangkok’s business district on BTS Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng stations, alongside online advertising on Rabbit Finance, a subsidiary ofVGI Group, this is synchronization of offline and online media to reach the targets.

The campaign was very compelling where the credit card’s registrations reached higher than the target after 2-3 months of campaign. For more information please visit