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Cigna Launched the Campaign: “Cigna Challenge you to take the Stairs for Good Health”

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Cigna understands Thai office workers’ lifestyle sothat Cigna empowers them to take control by launched “ Cigna challenge youto take the stairs” activity with objective to encourage office workers toget more exercise and have better & healthier lifestyle with multiple touchpointsadvertising including stairway wraps and information booths operated by Demopower on 4 BTS stations: Ekkamai, Nana, Ari and On Nut, encouraging over 800Kpassengers to aware of being good health by take the stairs and  persuade them to register to the campaign inexchange for a chance to win Cigna Limited Edition Sky Train card (worth over10,000 THB) by simply taking a snapshot or video clip of themselves whilsttaking the BTS stairs in a creative manner, then scanning a QR code at theinformation booth.  The campaign is alsopromoted via the Rabbit Rewards online platform using geo-fencing technology totarget specific BTS users.  Once thepassengers enter the designated BTS stations they will receive an online ad,which serves as an immediate call to action for them to register to thecampaign at the information booth. Within the span of 2 months, the campaign has already engaged withtarget consumer over 2,000 people with a conversion rate of 9.3%.