VGI Partners up with Fanslink to create new opportunities across O2O ecosystem through the booming of e-Commerce market

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VGI Plc (VGI), the leading O2O solutions provider, through its subsidiary BSS Holdings Co., Ltd (trading under “Rabbit”), invests a 51% equity stake into Fanslink Communication Co. Ltd (trading under “Pando”), a leading importer of Chinese electronics and e-Commerce enablers. This broadens VGI’s ability to create new strategic opportunities across its core pillars: Advertising, Payment, Logistics, and newly added

The rise of e-Commerce market is fueling enormous growth in this new business opportunities. In 2020, Thailand’s e-Commerce market grew remarkably by 81% YoY. Meanwhile, the number of product input in e-Commerce marketplace increased significantly by 32% of which domestic product contributed 37% and international product contributed 63%. Chinese’s product and shop were the most interested by consumers due to its reasonable and affordable price. With the booming of e-Commerce market where Pando will be benefited from this trend.

This investment supplements VGI’s overall businesses capabilities, with its diverse merchant network online and offline, e-payment, digital lending, insuretech platforms, and its loyalty and big data programs, and adds a further milestone in building its e-Commerce ecosystem; Pando is also able to leverage from VGI’s e-logistics arm Kerry’s express fulfillment and logistics services. 

Nelson Leung, CEO of VGI Plc views “The partnership as a major opportunity for both businesses, where VGI supports Pando with pouring end-to-end performance-driven services and total marketing solutions. Moreover, the addition of Pando opens up many cross synergetic opportunities, we will be able to provide quality products to the Rabbit customer base at an affordable price, and will be able to implement several value-added services, including points, buy-now-pay-later, and insurance cover for any purchases, seamlessly whether offline or online”.

Pando was founded in 2017 by a serial e-commerce entrepreneur and company Chief Executive, Frank Guo, and in a short period has established itself to be the leading importer of world-class Chinese consumer electronic brands, such as Xiaomi, Amazfit, Haier, amongst many others. In addition, the company also offers to consumers its in-house premium quality brand “Pando Selection”, with products ranging from electronic gadgets, wearables to household hardware. 

Pando uses advanced data analytics and machine learning to make a recommendation on trending product and demand forecasting. Key distribution channels include all major marketplaces, and B2B2C platforms, and can be found in leading home improvement hypermarkets across the country.

“We are very excited to be part of the VGI family, and working very closely with Rabbit.  The company has many exciting services in the pipeline, including the introduction of its mobile application, consisting of features like live streaming, auction, social commerce, etc.  We know with the support of the VGI media, and Rabbit ecosystem we will be able to bring big things to the Thai consumer.” States Frank Guo.