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VGI supports the media platform for the project “One Man and the Sea”

Categories: News, Sustainability Activities
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VGI values the importance of the environment, providing media platform to support the project “One Man and the Sea” led by renowned artist Tono (Pakin Kamwilaisak) with a long-distance swimming through 12 islands from Surat Thani Province to Samui Island for a distance of 82 kilometers. This aims to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment as a contribution to The Siritharn Rare Marine Life Rescue Center, Phuket Province, The Rare Marine Life Saving Section, Marine and Coastal Resource Research Center of the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, and The Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Rayong Province, and a coastal hospital. With an emphasis on creating a safe home and sustainable ecosystem to the ocean, the project also promotes the awareness to reduce littering to fix the cause of pollution to sea creatures and coral.

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Thailand, Tono decided to put a stop to his swimming on the sixth day for a distance of 27 kilometers, or about a third of the entire route, with a donation amount of 15,368,347 baht in total.