VGI Cheers, Named Amongst Thai Companies to Receive S&P Global Sustainability Awards

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VGI PLC, the leader of Offline-to-Online (“O2O”) solutions across multiple platforms with a corporate mission to build sustainable business for all stakeholders, society and the environment, was named amongst 41 Thai companies to receive the S&P Global Sustainability Awards 2022 by S&P Global, which brings Thailand to the 4th highest in the world in terms of number of companies recognised in the prestigious ranking, showcasing the outstanding sustainability potential of Thai businesses that have underscored both local and international investors’ confidence.

Commenting on the award, Nelson Leung, CEO of VGI, said, “This is a great honour and proud achievement of VGI to be recognised among the companies in the prestigious sustainability ranking by S&P Global and awarded the Member class in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022 (with an environmental, social and governance – ESG – score within the top 30% rank of all companies with the highest scores and top 15% rank of companies in the same industry with the highest scores). This recognition serves as a guarantee of our commitment
to uphold our corporate responsibility towards the environment, well-being of the society and good governance, as well as our firm determination to pursue our vision of becoming the leader of “pioneering solutions for tomorrow” through our comprehensive and cutting-edge platforms. Given that S&P Global sustainability assessment provides important information for global investors in their analysis and investment decision making, we also believe the Award will pave the way for us to successfully enter the global market.”

“Recognising the immense power of the media and VGI’s standing as the top online and offline solutions provider, we have introduced the Media Airtime Sharing initiative to provide our media space to non-profit organisations delivering social projects for the public good. Within the past year, we have supported many projects, including UNICEF’s “One Easy Solution” fundraising campaign to save severely malnourished children and the education campaign “CONNEXTED”.

Moreover, to help address the climate crisis, we have collaborated with Pomelo to launch the VGI X Pomelo “Trash to Treasure” project with the aim to reduce our corporate waste by upcycling our used vinyl banners and turn them into packaging to replace Pomelo’s single-use plastic bags. Not only were we able to slash our vinyl waste by 3,500 square meters or 3.5 tonnes and cut back on more than 200,000 pieces
of single-use packaging through the initiative, but we were also able to raise awareness about the alarming environmental issues among
the general public,” added Mr. Leung.